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Forest Drive West - Static / Escape

Livity Sound

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The enigmatic Forest Drive West returns to Livity Sound for the third time in less than two years, in the process cementing an already pretty much set-in-stone reputation as one of the most solid new producers to have emerged recently - and in the process slotting him neatly and emphatically into the crew of young producers stretching, converting and fusing techno with various shades of the hardcore continuum.

Static on the A side sees FDW push into new territory, eschewing the tribalistic, broken syncopations that have defined the rest of his output in favour of a straighter groove with one of the most addictive basslines we've heard in a long, long while. At 8 minutes long, this is to be played with in the mix, and its spartan arrangement and sub-low focus slot it perfectly into the broader style of the Livity label.

B side Escape is more of a continuation of his earlier productions, but here everything is that bit more savage and unhinged; the wailing atmospherics, the furious kick and subs, the surgically implemented rhythmic syncopations - it's all made for maximum floor impact.

Forest Drive West is quickly becoming a favourite at the RwdFwd office, a fresh talent that's been able to find an individual style through sheer compositional ability - that's a real rarity.