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Four Legs - Clarky Cat


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4 taught techno tracks from a firm TTT fave Samo DJ and one half of peerless techno duo Elias Landberg PKA Skudge.

Flawless rhythmic constructs from start to finish here, 'Aguirre' offers up widecreen strings and relentless drums for maximum danceability, a cut that wouldn't sound at all out of place on Ostgut Ton. Closing the A side is the trippy styles of Clarky Cat'.

'Shark' is one to reach for at peak time, crafty arpeggios and driving percussion ensure the energy levels will increase. Closing with our percy 'Clearwater Bay', a more introspective cut with a house-esque leaning, percolating pads and filtered chord stabs deployed alongside shimmering keys - yes please.


Clarky Cat


Clearwater Bay