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Funk Collective - Pretty People


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Butter smooth downtempo jams from the ‘Funk Collective’, third cassette album project on the Brighton based Blikmuzik micro label.

6 tracks of nice and easy downtempo funk for after hours sessions, ‘Gin And Tonic’ opens proceedings in a a style immediately comparable to early Tosca productions, wandering baselines and shimmering percussion, a theme that is fully explored through the half hour trip.

It’s not all downtempo though, ‘Street Poetry’ ups the pace, referencing the likes of the eternally awesome Major Force’ and the likes. The closing track, ‘Smarty’ features a fine bit of Winstons sampling, good stuff.

We have already lost a couple,e of afternoons to this and are certain there will be more!

Mo Wax, Grand Central and G-Stone fans apply within.

1. Gin And Tonic 04:48
2. Pretty People 05:41
3. Street Poetry 04:42
4.Soft 04:15
5. You Don't Need To Know (But You Do) 05:30
6. Smarty 05:15

Gin & Tonic

Street Poetry

You Don't Need To Know