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Check it, check it. We've managed to get our hands on the last couple of copies of this ultra-limited run of 25 tapes by G3 for Rudimentary Records. Killer Stuff indeed.

G3 presents 11 bits of "beat heaven", written intermittently between 2011 - 2015, the project is a summation of the years he has spent at home, exploring different sounds and techniques, and finding his feet as an artist.

An exploration of off-the-wall sound design, killer low-end and gorgeously detailed rhythms.

Case in point; The New Kush. Frenetic skipping drums are paired with a halftime kick-snare combo and a synth line that wouldn't sound out of place on a 50 Weapons record from the late noughties. Pure vibes here.

Special Mention to 17! as well. A combo of classic Flying Lotus beat science and the uplifting energy of a classic Jus' Now record. Yes, that combination is absolutely as good as it sounds.

Reykjavik is another frantic number, double time percussion propelling us through the Grime via Aphex Twin soundscape - an intense joyride with little let up.

Realite Riddim wouldn't sound out of place on a Hudson Mohawke EP from the earlier years of this decade. A bubble-'n'-squeak noise combined with a brilliantly tongue-in-cheak effort and a riddim section worthy of a wheel up or 5...

Check Juno's descriptor for it:
"One way of describing it would be to think if Burial, Plastician and Autechre got together in the studio and made an album."

So yeah.

Did we mention? 25 copies in existence - all of them long gone except the couple (and we mean couple) of copies we've dug up.

Don't Sleep.......

1. Spider Bros Saving Japan
2. Goten
3. The New Kush
4. Sterling
6. Horus (interlude)
7. Reykjavik
8. Realite Riddim
9. Chinchilla (interlude)
10. Gohan_Westwood Green
11. Emporium
12. Caravan (bonus track)

The New Kush



Realite Riddim