• Gaia Tones - 006
  • Gaia Tones - 006

Gaia Tones - 006

Gaia Tones

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Brand new and good for you, from the Gaia Tones crew, here comes this piece of goodness, strictly hit no miss -

"Cavernous, mystical beat tribalism from the GT zone; loose yet conscious-minded dub-wise runnings land on planet Earth. Murderous tempos create fiery, twisted percussion dances, lifted and buried in blazing licks of dabbed bass-weight. 808 moves left to right, upside down, with a melodic, hypnosis-minded sway.

DEEP transforms waves of metallic drum machines, isolated melodies, and wooden beats into rooted sonic spiritualism recalling distant, future bygone eras. Hand made cover artwork."12" in hand-stamped, paper taped sleeve.

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