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Gantz - Elmo Rehab / Spooky Action At A Distance


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Two haunting, off-the-hook rollers from outta Turkey -

Following on from his EP on Deep Medi, this is more proof of goodness from man like Gantz -

Gracing the fresh 'Blacklist' imprint, 'Elmo Rehab' and 'Spooky Action At A Distance' skirt around the blocks that make up what we call 'dubstep', but there is much more to this than just a simple kick, snare and bassline... Inventive arrangement, a good ear for a catchy hook and a unique palette of sounds set this apart from any old copycat who wants to join the rat race - the sense of rebellion isn't just displayed in the loose-as-fuck rhythm and low-end pulse - from the dark and blue sounding Elmo Rehab to the Madlib / early FlyLo-esque stutters and zaps that cut through the shadows of 'Spooky Action At A Distance' - this is proper head-noddin' body-shakin business.

If you haven't got yours yet... These are the last handful.


Elmo Rehab

Spooky Action At A Distance