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General Ludd - RAD-LUDD1


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"Ned Ludd, possibly born Edward Ludlam, is the person from whom, it is popularly claimed, the Luddites took their name. In 1779, Ludd is supposed to have broken two stocking frames in a fit of rage. After this incident, attacks on the frames were jokingly blamed on Ludd. When the "Luddites" emerged in the 1810s, his identity was appropriated to become the folkloric character of Captain Ludd, also known as King Ludd or General Ludd, the Luddites' alleged leader and founder."

One of our favourite Glaswegian pairings, General Ludd, touches down on Rubadub's very own self-titled label with a four tracker of hybrid house-related but distinctly UK-oriented club bangers that finds a host of influences from the hardcore continuum meet the up-tempo ballsiness of a classic Chicago record.

Take Cunningham Shame - a messed-up rhodes jam with some properly hefty subweight provided by booming toms. Its housey stylings betray close dub affinities - the soundsystem pressure will be hight with this one. A2 Run Don't Play Dead takes a slightly different approach than the other three tracks, if not purely for its obvious affinity with Bristolian techno - manipulated bird-song and syncopated, rolling percussion make this a prime piece for those looking to spruce up their off-beat selections.

We're huge fans of this package - four inventive, original club trax of the highest quality... What's not to love?

Fourth Wall

Run, Don't Play Dead

Cunningham Shame

Open Back of The Meat Van