• Gent1e $oul - Block Printing
  • Gent1e $oul - Block Printing
  • Gent1e $oul - Block Printing
  • Gent1e $oul - Block Printing
  • Gent1e $oul - Block Printing

Gent1e $oul - Block Printing

Fast Castle

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We got the latest & greatest in the form of a ltd edition run of block printed sleeves from Fast Castle, with a five track 12" from label bo$s Gent1e $oul, laced with versatile club muzik for dancefloors and DJz alike, stretching across a wide array of bass-laden palettes, from early UKG to dubstep and grime, techno, baile...

Heated Shot lets haunted early UKG vibes a la Darqwan, Oris Jay, El-B run out over percussive, low swung rhythms. Step into the A2, and Siege Ram goes into charged late 00's dub-heavy dubstep mode, with a bit of Gorgon or Dubkasm style basssline in there perhaps? Next up, Baile in the mix with some icey rolling percussive elements and psychedelic synths on Woads. The next (AOE inspired) title goes by the name of Fortified Walls, and sounds accordingly tough in statue. Towering bass sounds and elasticated distorted synths ping over scratchy percs and stepping kicks. Full halfstep mode on the final cut, alongside none other than Rolex3K, letting things sprawl out in stealthy dubstep mode for the last blast.

A big special mention goes out to the artwork for this one too -
Fast Castle and 100kilo ather unique application of an ancient printing technique - see below!

Edition of extra limited, hand crafted record sleeves. Printed with a laser-cut wood negative and printed on a 1860s mechanical press.
Hand-stamped label -

"Block Printing"’s cover, conceived by Fast Castle’s visual mastermind Jonas, is our most ambitious artwork project to date. It depicts an emblematic circle monograph hinting at prehistoric scenes and ancient legends. Special care went into the production of the DIY-printed record sleeves: Individually crafted on an ancient 1820s mechanical press and printed in a block printing technique from a laser cut wood negative, each of the edition-of-200 vinyl copies is a one-of-a-kind artefact to worship and rinse repeatedly."


A1 - Gent1e $oul - Heated Shot

A2 - Gent1e $oul - Siege Ram

A3 - Gent1e $oul - Woads

B1 - Gent1e $oul - Fortified Walls

B2 - Rolex3k & Gent1e $oul - Turtle Ship