• Gent1e $oul - Steam Sessions
  • Gent1e $oul - Steam Sessions

Gent1e $oul - Steam Sessions

Fast Castle

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Second outing for Berlin's fresh-faced, shoes-laced 'Fast Castle' label - following up that wicked various artists 12" from last year, this time label co-operator Gent1e $oul takes a dip and a trip into vapourous, sub-heavy ambience, across 50mins of cleansing, healing, slow-release heat.

Designed as a tongue-in-cheek guide for your sauna steam session, this tape got released in two versions - one featured a fully voice narrated guided sauna meditation (in German, so of course that got snapped up by local sauna enthusiasts quick time) and the other - the version we got sent in the post from Berlin, and are now offering out to you here - is strictly instrumental, so you can let the sounds soak over you while you listen to your sweat drip past your ear drum, as the coal fizzes into the ether.

Wether you go full monty and follow instructions on this one, risking your tape player bending even further than your mind due to the sauna temperature, or not, we'd like to assure full confidence that these rhythms, subtle frequency shifts and mood-managing sounds are the certified good stuff, and this tape will be extremely sure to ease you into a pleasing frame of mind far from the stress of this tumultuous world, whilst probably raising a buddhist style smile or two.

Seriously - it's great. Turn it up and enjoy.

(heat only included in musical form. the label can not be made responsible for your utility bills should you try this sauna style at home without professional means).

Limited Edition of 100 tapes -

we have the very last handful of them here, sent over direct from the label - who have sold out at source - so this is your last chance to get a spot in the top row.


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