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Georgia - Fuzzy Logic / Future Proof


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Another quality, quality thing from the intriguing minds of Georgia, following up their 2019 CD release on YOUTH, now coming at you extra dangerously, in an edition of 150 records, cut with 7 off-kilter dancehall-esque gems.

We're big fans of Justin Tripp & Brian Close's Georgia project over here, ever since we spotted the NY / Chinatown duo land on Kashual Plastik some years ago, and have been following their shape-shifting, otherwordly rhythm excursions with keen ears ever since.

This 12" sees the pair take their organic / tripped out tropical-type sound into more vaporous, hallucinatory dancehall / reggaeton / sludge bogle type territory, and it's a deadly, deadly affair - trust us on that.

Their knack for mangling percussive sounds and various synthesized or sampled sounds, but giving the whole thing that loose and 'alive' feel of human 'playing' and recording in terms of the timings and timbres, all whilst putting the sounds and arrangements through highly computerised electronic processes, that make the whole thing sound utterly alien... that is what makes their stuff special, to us.

Proper trippy, highly infectious, totally intriguing, and at the same time quite danceable... Ok maybe our brain is dancing a bit more than our body some of the time, but that's cool too.

We'd like to issue one big, oversized T-I-P on this one.

Anyone keen on exploring that real good sh*t to be found at the intersection of experimental dance music, in rather unique, sideward thinking style and fashion, and not missing any humour either -
get stuck in right here...

Edition of 150.
Stickered centre label.
Insert artwork by Vernon O'Meally & Georgia.
Design by DJ Lyster.

1. A1 - Georgia - Nit Pik 05:55
2. A2 - Georgia - Car Commercial User 02:08
3. A3 - Georgia - Walking Around Soho 02:37
4. A4 - Georgia - KHA Danse 04:29
5. B1 - Georgia - Flash Transport 04:09
6. B2 - Georgia - Underpass 03:14
7. B3 - Georgia - TO 'RUS 05:22

Georgia - KHA DANSE

Georgia - Nit Pik

Georgia - Underpass

Georgia - Car Commercial User