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Georgia - No Urtext, No Ursituation

Kashual Plastik

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NYC's Justin Tripp and Brain Close, a.k.a. Georgia on the buttons for Berlin's DIY king Kashual Plastik -

This, the third disc on the KP imprint (and already scarce... We got some of the very last copies here) is another great example of that weird & wonderful world this label is patching up with a heap of vast sounds from various artists in various corners -
From the jangled Georgio Moroder-esque psychedelia through pitch-harmonised field recordings and the scuzzy sunset soundtrackings of 'Middle Of Broadway' to the Radiophonic-styled oddball sonics of the closing cut 'Westie', this record is wonderfully odd, and somehow all the more likeable for the same reason.

A strangely hypnotising, satisfying collection of sounds!

Presented in a hand-made sleeve, with screenprints & stickers housed inside the polybag.

Middle East Broadway

Excerpt 1


No Urtext, No Ursituation