• Ghostigital / Finnbogi Pétursson – Sirkus Requiem / A Quiet Afternoon

Ghostigital / Finnbogi Pétursson – Sirkus Requiem / A Quiet Afternoon


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The sound of rattling windows, walls and ribcages through speaker vibration, captured in various 'extremely loud' live settings between Iceland and Austria, with Ghostigital and Finnbogi Pétursson at the controls with 'ultra-low on-site frequency installations' for legendary imprint Laton -

We got some copies of this - still solid - gem from half a decade ago, from the fett distro recently for all of you who are interested in this raucous bass-heavy avant-noise record (+ bonus CD!).

Sprawled across one side each, we have some true gems of sonic disruption pressed up on this disc, presenting sound scenarios made to create foundation-shaking low end tremors designed to shake windows, walls and bodies alike, in Reykjavik's 'Bar Sirkus' & 'Gallery I8', and also at the Danube Festival in Austria.
There is something really intriguing and involving about these recordings, like listening to a storm inside a building filled with musical instruments, with crowd voices, structural sounds and bass vibrations all playing part in the theatre of heavy vibration.

It's a really killer example of a sound-art / field recording LP, and to top it off, you can find a Bonus CD inside the sleeve with 'radio hits' from these scenarios... Yap....

NOW! That's What I Call Structural Avant Noise Experimentalism For Intrigued Ears And Soundsystem Addicts Alike!

Sirkus Requiem

A Quiet Afternoon

Radio Hit (CD Only)

Icleandic Hits Danube (CD Only)