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Giant Swan - Earn


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The long-awaited Giant Swan record on FuckPunk is finally here, and sweet lord it's a killer.

Initially announced on the very first of the FuckPunk info sheets as the fifth record, the unhinged & unreliable label have finally pressed up the two most fierce, ferocious cuts from the pair - in the form of 'Earn' and 'Corridor'.
We've been told FuckPunk008 and FuckPunk007 will follow soon after, but for now this record comes with the FuckPunk009 catalogue number pressed up on the inside of the groove and served up in a suitably incautious way, FuckPunk style.

Laying on the counter side of the disc, 'Corridor' is like the soundboy's sonic deathbed, like the sombre aftermath of the storm, the lightning and thunder of the title track: Earn.
Or, to give you another valid viewpoint, Vessel, the co-owner of the FuckPunk label:

"Like Milton's charismatic Satan traversing the gulf of Chaos and Night on his way to crash the party in Eden, Earn tumbles you into a stormy vortex of ghostly, strobing spirits who seem intent on dismantling you limb by limb and spreading you across the space-time continuum. A seductively wobbly opening administers the dose, and by the time you realise it's kicked in there's nothing you can do but try and keep your brain from exiting through your ears.
The track wriggles and struts with masterful restraint, steadily cooking up a rich soup of dread-filled boogie painted in 50 shades of grey, before finally giving up and turning in on itself.

To keep this short, we are very gassed about this record, and we are even more gassed about the future of Giant Swan, and the strengthening of the FuckPunk core.

Grab this record before it grabs you.

Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta.
Served in oversized polythene sleeve, with fluorescent poster designed by Harry Wright.
A4 photocopied info sheet, with artwork screwed by C26.
First 50 copies ship with free money.