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Giant Swan EP

Howling Owl Records

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Headbangers from the Bristol Underground -

We've been eagerly anticipating this record for some time now, having heard rumours a few moons ago...

Giant Swan is the outfit comprising of Robin Stewart and Harry Wright, who, aside of their 'Naturals' project, are fast making a name for themselves with their intense, high-powered live shows.
Set up on two opposing tables filled with hardware and effects pedals, two guitars, a microphone and a drum machine - Their setup turns into a sweet, sweaty harmony, a duet - I mean duel - of noise, rugged basslines and off-kilter rhythms.

This release, on Bristol's very-own Howling Owl Records, manifests moments from their live shows and gives an insight into their approach - in a sense a constantly revolving circuit of human interaction through wires and strings and switches and amplifiers.

We could go on and give you our interpretations of each track, labelling them into sub-genres and telling you about their twists and turns, but the fact is... The listening is best left to the listener.

Turn up the volume, Giant Swan is here.

Clear vinyl.
Served in clear sleeve, containing an 11" x 11" poster.
Includes download card.

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