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Giant Swan comin' atcha!

Bit of a 'tear rolling down the corner of the eye' moment here actually...
We still remember going down the road and getting a few copies of that first Giant Swan record from Howling Owl HQ a few years back, when it was still very much only a 'Bristol thing'... That one was a pretty raw recording, mic'd up straight to the amplifiers during a live session of theirs.
Then of course there was their first 'proper' record with them for FuckPunk -
although they did later say that they felt this was still fairly 'proto' to them...
But either way, 'Earn' is a killer that will always stay dear to us, and we feel nice about the fact that we probably introduced a bunch of you to these special people and their music.
So, without delay, and probably no further introduction needed - as you all probably are well aware of these two now - Giant Swan have come forward with their first album, released good & proper on their own imprint KECK!

Loaded up with 10 tracks in inimitable, infectious, weird, wonderful and utterly HEAVY Giant Swan style, this album is a great representation of their fluid, raw & up for it sound palette. A sound they have built over the course of the years, touring relentlessly across the world, nurturing and furthering a special dynamic between the two of them... Although countless years of friendship and band-mate time as part of The Naturals of course play a big part here too - this is something that no amount of hardware or musical knowledge can really replicate in the same way - between the two, it's about this energy, an undeniable one, a real force.
Loaded up with fx units, drum machines, microphone and a whole heap of nifty performance skills from the two - anyone who's seen them play live, will know that no one does it quite like them.

The self-titled LP moves from freakzone ambience to loud-as-hell soundsystem raucous, from big-room techno with extra lashings of 'fuck u', through to tongue-in-cheek club destruction (not deconstruction, just destruction... it's up to us to pick up the pieces and scramble our minds back together here).
Like being stuck with your head in the speakerbox, hands in the air, high as a kite - big childish grin on the face.

...Come on then!

comes with DL code.

1. 55 Year Old Daughter
2. Pandaemonium
3. 'I' As Proof
4. Pan Head
5. Not A Crossing
7. Weight Of Love
8. Peace Fort 9
10. Spisbah

55 Year Old Daughter


I' As Proof