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Gila - Shedskin Pt. 33

Hunnaban Inc.

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After spending the last couple of years tinkering away fastidiously at a plethora of contemporary club sounds for labels like XL and Deviation, Denver-based producer Gila mints his own label with two of his best, and most cutting edge cuts yet.

106 Slipper emulates the frenetic, cyclic energy of footwork or similar syncopations in dance forms in the guise of a 106pbm techno four-to-the-floor chugger, shapeshifting in quick succession, all with that surgical approach to sound design that recalls the work of artists like M.E.S.H and Objekt. It's a real deadly club tool if you know how to play your cards.

"Trench Cadence" works in a similar framework to its top-side counterpart. Hand drum rhythms contort themselves through a sequence of textural FX processing that build into a sparse, foreboding main section that retains and emphasises the deliberate, downtempo swagger of the A side.

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106 Slipper

Trench Cadence