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Gimic - Demo

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In the interest of Bristol audio culture, we had to grab some copies of Gimic's demotape from the merch stall 4 u. 
Now a staple on Bristol's punk/hc scene thanks to an INSANE run of BOUNDARY PUSHING PUNK shows organised by bassist Rory (inc. Powerplant, Scarecrow, Es, Judy and the Jerks, Urin, Subdued). Gimic are running on gastanks of DIY diesel - (regulars at Specialist Subject / the Exchange might've seen those amazing 'Gimic - Bristol's First and Only Punk Band' badges.)
So press play for Dischord friendly/unfriendly rollicking hardcore noise; relentless distorted vocal growls from dynamite singer Harry, thumping tempos and rhythm changes, slapping riffs from the guitarist I also recognise from skate punk rotters the Migraines (what a nice lil scene we've got here).
Sure to delight fans of La Vida Es Un Mus and essential for anyone wanting to know what's going on in Bristol underground punk right now. [On that note also check: The Migraines, Los Savages, Rank, Mutilated State, Grandma's House, Split Dogs]


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