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GNOD R&D - Vol. 4

A Colourful Storm

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Proper dank & dangerous, tripped out transmissions from the inimitable GNOD camp, from up north -

Another piece of dark joy from within that mysterious box filled with sonic protein, straight import from OZ, via A Colourful Storm, who seem to be whipping up something good each time they touch a lacquer or a reel (also check the Nerve and Felix K tapes we got here now).

This cassette, originally released towards the end of last year, gives us two 20minute happenings from the fluid formation of noise-stirring, grime harnessing industrial formation GNOD - this time as GNOD R&D with "Paddy Shine, Chris Haslam and the spirit of SLT". Recorded in May 2019 at Gnod Farm.

On the A side, we find just the kind of teeth-gritting, spirit-cleansing grit we didn't know we'd been searching for right now - this illusion of ambient music being the best way to de-stress is (not always) true.... Try playing this loud and try kicking the wall a few times, why the fuck not, your neighbours probably hate you already anyway, - and see what your psychiatrist has to say about that... We reckon she'll say 'Well done! Get it out, as long as you don't hurt anyone' (your neighbour will forgive you though)."

Nah, real talk now: GNOD are one of the most heavy, truly psychedelic and joyous noise bands we know, and this session right here proves why once more. It's not just noise for noise's sake, it's not simply about pain. There's always a path to be forged within the dirt they dig up, it's a cerebral thing that can at times truly feel like exorcising a demon, or at the very least breaking a few mental chains that may have stood in the way of your free thought, the same thoughts that were previously tied up in convention.

Pro dubbed C40 - last batch, for those who missed it first time around.
Printed inlay, printed tape.

A: Void (19mins)
B: Droid (20mins)

Void (Clip 1)

Void (Clip 2)

Droid (Clip 1)

Droid (Clip 2)