• Tyrants

God Is War - Long Live The Bad Guys

Industrial Coast

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Ruffneck bass & noise exorcisms from LA's God Is War, issued on tape via DIY powerhouse Industrial Coast -

This one, is pretty self explanatory really -
Loud and cantankerous frequency to rattle your ribs and make your eyes flutter (at the right volume). Proper satisfying internal unrest going on between the sound sources here - if you're into the no-input feedback styles of the likes of Simon Grab, the bass punk of Tod Daraku, space-manipulating white noise & sine wave sonics of Emptyset, or the bass amp meditations of the likes of Stephen O'Malley, Sunnn o))) or Senyawa - then this is your ticket for a raised smile of musical satisfaction...

killer stuff, this'll put those ferric reels to the test nicely, you know that.

Mad limited edition, as always with the IC gear -
Put together with lots of care and attention to detail, as always with the IC gear -
it's a good'un!

When I Look At You I Start Working Things Out In My Mind

Kicking Your Door The Fuck In And Emptying The Clip

Blowing Your Brains Out So I Can See What You Thinkin Bout

Long Live The Bad Guys