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Goldie/Double O/Threshold/Cold Mission - Unknown Elements EP

A-ko Beatz

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A-ko Beatz embark on a mammoth 4 picture disc voyage in fine style, collecting tracks from the vaults of the mighty Metalheadz, Reinforced, Rupture Records and Dub Clinique.

This 4 track picture is wall to wall ruffneck amen business, done just how we like it, heavy on the chops, weightless atmospheric pads and Good Looking esq vocals.

The one and only Goldie kicks things off with ‘Dogs Day’, a real highlight this one, immediately calling to mind vintage era Rufige Kru a-la beach drifter and some of the best Commix Productions.

Double O closes side A with ‘New Skank’, a Rupture dance favourite, finally released.

Side B has ‘Bad Nah Bloodclarrt’ from Threshold, working a well worn vocal sample around tight drums and Spirit referencing melodies and basses. Closing on a particularly high note is Cold Mission with the mentasm fuelled ‘These Memories’ working a Gladys Knight sample around some beautifully crafted drum chops and Liquid V style atmospheres.

You know what they say, if it aint broke, don’t fix it - and this certainly doesn’t need any repairing - crank it up and open the windows!

Goldie - Dogs Day

Threshold - Bad Nah Bloodclarrt

Double O - New Skank

Cold Mission - These Memories