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Gonzo - Radio Kampala / Skull Cave


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>>Limited promo copies only<<

Total gems these ones - a lucky find as they were tucked in the bottom of the wholesalers box and nearly went out with the recycling!

Regulars to the site will know we're big fans of the Discrepant label and these 7's are no exception. Gonzo returns to the label for these two tracks - the A side exploring the very depths of East African religious ceremonies and beliefs - according to the imprint it spans the most recent christian evangelic trends and way back to more 'ancient animalistic traditions'. It's a dense web of cut and pasted field recordings overlaid on a post punk leaning boxjam beat.

The flip gets even weirder - Spoken word loops spiced with automatic gunfire and sinister atmospherics pitch and yaw over the whole side - unsettling and captivating listening. All Recorded by Gonzo in Kampala, 2016.

Weird and totally wonderful, it's a disc that's very worthy of a spot in your singles box.

Radio Kampala

Skull Cave