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Gordon Henderson / U Convention - The Highest Bidder


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Sofrito's other Island Series dedicated to Dominica is this absolute beauty - where the Swinging Orchestra 7 was full of Latin and Haitian influence, this pair of tracks by Gordon Henderson and U Convention are all about the funk, the boogie, and the earworm vocal hooks that define the best works in the genre - proper business!

The Highest Bidder has one of those vocal hooks that is just so good it gets stuck in your mind the instant it makes its way down them ear canals and into your noggin. The moment you hear the clip below you'll know what we mean. Backed with Rhodes Keys, funky, strolling bass riffs and brass from the heavens.

Hard World dramatically ups the tempo and bigs up the funky side of life - strafing guitars and bass keep things nice and propulsive, as a healthy tinge of soul seeps into the vocal lines. A floor filler till the end, this one will guarantee at least a head nod from even the most stoic types.

Gwan Sofrito, give us more!

The Highest Bidder

Hard World