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Gossiwor - Domestic Saga

5 Gate Temple

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John T. Gast & MC Boli channelling the (as certain Bristol people would call it) medieval pheasantry on this one!

Dealing with ambient bangers of the most potent order, Gossiwor come in stripped back, deadly ultra-focus mode for this 35min concentrated version of 'Domestic Saga' initially out on a sought-after nautical-looking USB key, now pressed up on wax for further (and very crucial) rotation.

This one nods to Iannis Xenakis as much as it nods to early DaVinChe or Ruff Sqwad...
Or does it?
It's a very unique record. Masterful in it's own right.... Let's not paint it too much.

We will say this though - give it a proper listen from start to finish...
If you didn't feel something good, you can have your money back. Yep.

Domestic Saga

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