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Goth-Trad - Airbreaker VIP (DEEP MEDI 12")


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Japan's maddest bassbin punk Goth-Trad lets off the chest-rattling VIP dubplate version of his 2012 Medi release 'Airbreaker', along with murky stepper APES on the flip.

the A side is wild as fvck - proper shock out bassbin business - no chin-scratching allowed - head-banging is a must.

Flipside 'APES' hits that sweet note of more heads down dubstep, revolving around a filtered bassline that sounds like it wants to break loose, but is kept in deep meditative mode for extra focus on the immensity of the bassline, and the sub (you better not be listening to this one on your phone).

Play loud please, or don't.

Airbreaker VIP