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Gr◯un土 + Kabamix - Mizonukoni

Bokeh Versions

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Japanese ambient trips from Kabamix & DJ Ground aka Gr◯un土 -

Bokeh versions have elongated their aural feelers here, reaching for the ambient oddities from the land of the rising sun.
Described as a fractured short wave transmission filtered through the natural sounds of the Osaka mountains, Gr◯un土 + Kabamix have formed a cohesive, yet totally unhinged 60mins of 'ambient-tech' consisting of field recordings and sound abstractions that shimmer and glow in the midst of the colourful projections of these creative heads.
It's a very unique imagination, where sheets of white noise and bruk bass drums skim through the near-field soundzone, whilst electroid zaps make conversation with Japanese wildlife in a completely otherwordly setting, all adding to the thoroughly hallucinogenic mix.

It's the kind of music that can activate brain cells that you wouldn't use in daily life, truly reflective outward-inward kind of vibes, if you know what we mean (probably not).

Listen up, this is the kind of thing that will stick with you!

Big recommendations from us.

Limited to 100 copies.
C62, served in printed cassette shells with printed j-card.

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