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Grafiti Tapes 1 - Luke Eargoggle aka Dudes

Grafiti Tapes

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Fresh, black and yellow - electro - graf-style tape import from Sweden -

Delivered via the Sex Tags Mania HQ, this cassette comes fresh-as-you-like, visually and musically.

Straight outta Gothenburg, Luke Eargoggles aka Dudes, is the first Graffiti writer and musician to be invited to deliver music and get stuck in with the artwork of the package for the 'Grafiti Tapes' series by the Klasse Wrecks imprint.

Musically, we are speaking 'Real Electro' styles, that original b-boy, drum machine in the vain of drexciya / egyptian lover / afrika bambaata style... it's a hi-energy ride through the analog circuits of dance music, in full-on classic approach, but with enough originality and a tongue-and-cheek delivery that makes it more than just a copy of some old-school 'ish.

Seriously though, even if you are not a fan of the music (which you should be anyway) - this tape looks bad... NY taxi style, black and yellow with a nice D.I.Y design approach, littered with eye-candy and black on yellow photos of a few reaches, throw-ups and pieces by 'Dudes' himself.

These kind of tapes are the reason why cassettes are still cool.

Edition of 100.
Includes DL code. (the package is so raw, we had to check wether it was a joke, but it's true)
Black print on yellow tape.
Includes foldout insert.


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