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Grafiti Tapes #3 - Kropp

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Another good-lookin' tape from the GT gang -

Always a pleasure to open a fresh parcel with these nuggets inside - from that first black & yellow, to the chrome and now to the deadly combination of black, red and white... Each tape comes looking as bright and bold as you'd expect from an imprint that takes pride in the O.G. ways of graffiti.

On this basis alone, we'd say just go cop the tape - it's worth it for the looks!

But graphics aside, the music is proper gritty underground stuff too, Stockholm native and member of the IB Crew 'Kropp' aka 'Your Planet Is Next' delivers this acid-tinged, psychadelic hardware freak-out, keeping things wildly in line with the Grafiti Tapes aesthetic.

This tape is a real cuzzy affair, from the intriguingly matter-of-fact memo-tape recording that leads us into some warbled electro jams through to the hypnotizingly pitched and delayed vocals that swish across the lower-rhythms later on.
Further into the tape, Kropp purveys stomping rhythms that form the belly for paranoid fx and blue chords that sound like they were transposed from a happy hardcore cassette into something much more minor in key - furthering that dingy 'basement party' vibe...

Equally comfortable in a L.I.E.S. setting, or perhaps on some Sex Tags UFO tip, this is proper freak music done well.

Limited edition, comes with DL code 'for those sadly without a tape-player'.
Printed purple chrome tape.
Printed fold-out J-Card (featuring some fly-lookin visual sh*t!)