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Grafiti Tapes # 5 - 10Foot & Tapes

Grafiti Tapes

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Brand nu import on the no1 spraypaint-related cassette label!

Fresh in the post from Klasse Wrecks HQ, the fifth instalment in the Grafiti Tapes series.

This time along, we have a special link up between Tapes (check recent releases on Honest Jon's, Jahtari, EM Records) and legendary writer '10Foot' (Check London's non-buffed walls) -
Across two sides, we have a high-energy mix of a type of music that goes by the name of 'Chutney' -
We had to double-check this as we initially assumed it was just a politically incorrect title that had been given to this mixtape.

Chutney is a blend of West Indian dance music that blends the rhythms of Soca, Calypso and Bashment with Bollywood and traditional Indian music.

Apparently inspired by 10Foots visits at Trinidadian Restaurants, this mix features a heap of vibes from this infectious combination of rhythm and Bollywood style vocals and melody.

This one's sure to put a smile on your face, undeniably energetic and upbeat...
And as always, the artwork is top stuff, this one comes with a fold out inlay that features some smiley bobbys, a pic of the Indian-Trinidadian Restaurant, shout-outs (incl. one to our very own humbled selves!) and a few well-said words from 10foot about his attempt to hitch-hike to South America after being locked up, and about ending back up in hipsterized London a few years later, on a search for some honest food and whatnot.

Basically... Just do yourself a favour... Empty your pockets,
Get some grease in that dusty tape-player (not too much though) and stick it in, cos this one belongs in your hi-fi (although it does come with a download code as well, for all the lazy gits out there)

Limited edition.
Artwork by Tapes & Planet Luke.

Side 1:
Chutney Megamix 1
Side 2:
Chutney Megamix 2