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Mid-Air frequency, harnessed -

This cassette presents a very intriguing idea, throughout it's course we are reminded of those times sat in front of the radio, tuning the dial across to find the sweetspot for signal, adjusting the antenna with great care... A tactile listening experience that will remain cherished for years to come.

Graham Dowdall, an artist who has been active in music circuits for many years now, as a drummer and collaborative artist in various projects and bands, chose to use a 90's radio / cassette  player as his main instrument for this project, quite possibly his most feral, subdued work to date.

Masked in MW / SW / LW noise and brittle, evaporating frequency picked up via the radio signal, Outside Broadcast manages to engage with radio frequency in such a delicate way, it almost feels like the essence is distilled, and harnessed into something quietly melodious, all whilst maintaining the element of exploration and unpredictability that frequents the airwaves.

From the precarious white noise and shards of distant signal that make up the first section of the tape, through to the glowing melodies that transgress from the opening palette, listening to 'Outside Broadcast' could be described as a hallucinogenic, inward journey through an obscured FM dial, with new transmissions taking shape and converging through alteration.

With degradation and transformation being a defined subject of this music, it's certain that the decomposition of a worn cassette tape will, in time, only add to the already highly involving listening experience of this transmission.

A: Home Service
B: Light Programme

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