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Gramrcy - Ruffian

Ancient Monarchy

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Gramrcy steps up to the Ancient Monarchy label for an outing with two originals and two remixes.

‘Ruffian’ is ‘ardcore as fcuk, bussing off shots into a vintage (and appropriately crusty) break, backed by mean mentasms and bassbin rattling subs - recommended for peaktime deployment only!

Bruce reworks the lead track and shifts it into overdrive, taming the ruffneck break and channeling it into a sub-laced, bit crushed monster, constantly sounding like it’s ready to split yer speaker and tw@ you over the head with a snare - jesus this one’s good.

Another Gramrcy original opens the B-side, ‘Bargain Jam’ is far more introspective than the A-side, man like Hodge rounds off the plate with a remix of the same tune, channeling the spirit of paired back club constructions of Deep Teknologi and seasoning it with his own brand of ferric percussion and atmospherics - very nicely done.



Ruffian (Bruce Remix)

Bargain Jam

Bargain Jam (Hodge Remix)