• Gregory Isaacs - Dealing / Ken Boothe - Memories

Gregory Isaacs - Dealing / Ken Boothe - Memories

Basic Replay

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Previously released via Niney's great Observer label, Basic Replay bring back Gregory Isaacs' sweet, yet ever so cold vocal delivery for the A side and Ken Boothe's haunting tune for the B side of this brilliant disc.

On the top side of the wax and sure to bring fire to the dance - Gregory Isaacs 'Dealing' sways over a delightfully frantic and fully energetic cut of the 'Lotion' rhythm, full of percussive chatter and barebone bassline.
Flip the disc and Ken Boothe sets a new pace, still stepping and ascertive the rhtyhm is reduced to a half-time skank and space is left for piano and vocal.

The last cut on this 12" and the second version of the disc, features a previously unreleased version of Memories, exclusive to Basic Replay.

Mastered and pressed to a very high standard, presented beautifully in a stamped kraft sleeve.

Gregory Isaacs - Dealing


Ken Boothe - Memories