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Gregory Isaacs - Mr. Know It All

Blood And Fire

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Late 70's roots with Ossie Hibbert and the Loving Pauper -

Reissued here via the Manchester-based Blood And Fire imprint, we have this brilliant piece of JA music featuring the late Gregory alongside Ossie Hibbert & The Revolutionaries...

Topside, we have the vocal in full effect, in an extended mix that flows effortlessly, expertly dubbed and crafted.

As the tune moves toward the end, we are greeted with a beautifully obscure bongo drum pattern to finish this piece in fine style.

Worth the pound just for the A side, but flip it, and we find ourselves in the midst of the version, a tough instrumental dub with the great Revolutionaries on instruments.

Served in a printed kraftliner sleeve, with a printed paper inner for extra style and comfort.
Pressed on high quality vinyl, mastered to a fine degree.

Gregory Issacs - Mr. Know It All

Ossie Hibbert & The Revolotionaries - War Of The Stars