• Guitar Is My Best Friend – (Sahel Sounds)

Guitar Is My Best Friend – (Sahel Sounds)

Sahel Sounds

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We don’t have much information on this Cassette apart from what’s written on the inlay…

“Tuareg guitar from bootleg cassettes, found recordings, cellphones.
featuring hammadoun, abba gargando, etc.
Music from Mali, Algeria, Niger.”
The Ferric quality of this cassette only amplifies the atmosphere of - what is to us - a distant culture. Every now and again tape will produce some truly unhinged frequencies, beautifully lo-fi and D.I.Y. - from the recordings which often include snippets of conversation, children getting excited by the sound of the music as well as hand claps and tapping feet.
To those fascinated by the sounds of the eastern part of the globe and it’s musical culture which, compared to the western media/music culture still feels very honest and human, these recordings will let the imagination go to a place far away, with a feeling of really being there, something that is hard to achieve without actually being there, and rather than watching documentaries to get the picture, this is arguably best visualized by the imagination whilst listening to the coherent sounds. 

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