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This is Gulls first solo release in over 3 years, and he's back with a diverse offering of head music and system music.

Exploring the reaches of 'dub space', and 'Sci Fi Polyrhythmics', Gulls takes cues from world classical/ traditional musics, minimalist ethos, dub pioneers, and oversized sound systems. Gulls music is built from live performance, improvised pattern hypnosis and an exploratory no-rules approach to melody and rhythm. Music as a lifestyle, and a discipline.

11 tracks, 77 minutes, 2 sides of cassette, a chamber of bassweight, harder hits and atmospheres/ pads smoother than churned butter.... This is a glorious set of tracks and needs to be enjoyed in full, for maximum appreciation - the pacing of the cassette is fantastic, oscillating between rough & rugged, gentle, fast, slow and effortlessly.

A very welcome return indeed!

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1. 4 Lo's
2. Wave Roll
3. Mixer Test
4. Glass Sides
5. 94 Skeletons
6. 808 Zest/ Quiet Dub
7. System Soak Bones
8. Before A Storm
9. Shade Motion
10. Blood Muscle A
11. Blood Muscle B
12. Splice Floatation

4 Los

Mixer Test

94 Skeletons

Shade Motion