• Gulls - Running Times EP

Gulls - Running Times EP

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Sent over directly from the Boomarm Nation HQ in Portland, we are pleased to be able to offer this high-grade EP from the boss himself: Gulls.

This cassette comes loaded with almost an hour of pure and undiluted rhythm, by Gulls and fellow producers on remix duties.

Rhythmically informed by Tropical drum structures, African, Middle Eastern patterns as well a heap of music from the west of the World, the productions are crafted for high-end soundsystems in mind, crisp delays and modulated basslines squeeze in along with the ever-present rhythm taking up the forefont.

Unique and fresh.


1: Running Times
2. Cherish The Boy
3. Overplexx
5. OB Snaxx
6. Running Times (Alter Echo Dub)
7. SOID (Teleseen Remix)
8. OB Snaxx (SWAMI MILION Remix)
9. SOID (El Buho Remix)
10. Cherish The Boy (TMRK - Well in the Woodz Version)
11.Running Times (Michael Bruce Remix)
12.Running Times (Alter Echo Version)

Running Times

OB Snaxxx

Running Times (Alter Echo Dub)

SOID (Teleseen Remix)