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Gulls - Water Creature / Gulls Rhythm Force - Message To Rogg

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Portland bossman Jesse Munro Johnson making a long-awaited appearance on ZamZam -

We've always been fans of the style & attitude of fellow music lovers over in PDX, ZamZam and Boomarm Nation were amongst the very first records we stocked on our store, back in 2012 when we were still running things from one of our bedrooms.
So it's only natural to get a bit excited when we see this combination here... Gulls laying down some dubwise shapes in his signature style, drenched in analogue warmth, bathed via vintage circuitry, his productions always lay the rhythm at the forefront, with melodies dancing around the foundations vigorously.

Some of you may be aware of the Gulls Rhythm Force output already, at which Jesse's musical direction is applied in combination with a heap of musicians, forming an extra-curricular band that seems to lay it's focus equally on the live-aspect and the studio approach, with the mixing desk at heart, becoming the final instrument in the chain in true dub etiquette.

Ok, there's our introduction for those who needed one... Now we'll just let the music do the talking:
Turn it up!

Limited to 600 copies worldwide.
Strictly vinyl, no digital.
Screenprinted and designed by Polygon Press.

Gulls - Water Creature

Gulls Rhythm Force - Message To Rogg