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Gussie Presenting: The Right Sevens 7 x 7 set

VP Records

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Crucial G.C. cuts, rare pieces, unearthed, re-issued and pressed to high-grade 45's -

Celebrating the musical achievements of one of Jamaica's greatest producers, VP / North Parade have taken steps to ensure that some of his greatest works have been issued here in one collection, featuring seminal pieces - some previously unreleased, or never issued on a 45 - all pressed to a great standard.

Featuring the talents of peers such as Big Youth, Leroy Sibbles, Leroy Smart, Augustus Pablo, Gregory Isaacs, Tommy McCook and many more of the greats, this set of 45's encompasses many moments of pure gold from Jamaica's rich musical heritage... For instance the superb original of Leroy Smart's 'Pride & Ambition', Mikey Dread's brilliant take on 'Proud To Be Black', Gussie Clarke's cut of Big Youth's 'Screaming Target' instrumental version used for Leroy Sibbles' vocal on 'No No No', the brilliant foundation setting 'Guiding Star' cut, and the hard-to-find 'Gregory Isaacs' cut... And that's just skimming the top of the pie, there are some superb instrumental cuts and dub versions on this, it's a really well picked selection - well worth the money, especially if one considers the combined price of seven 7" singles in this day and age...

Top-a-top issue! One for all the reggae lovers and roots rockers alike.

Includes download card... but surely these are best enjoyed on rotation across your turntable!

Served with original centre label designs.
Remastered to high-quality on individual 45's.

1. Leroy Smart - Pride & Ambition / Old Boys Inc. - Version
2. Leroy Sibbles - No, No, No / The Society Squad - The Killer Version
3. Roman Stewart - Try Me / Simplicity People ft Big Youth - Rhythm Style
4. Leroy Sibbles - Guiding Star / Augustus Pablo - Classical Illusion
5. Gregory Isaacs - Oh No I Cant Believe / Augustus Pablo - Believe A Dub
6. The Mighty Diamonds - Danger In Your Eyes / Tommy McCook - Danger In Your Dub
7. Mikey Dread - Proud To Be Black / Augustus 'Gussie' Clarke - Black Foundation

Leroy Sibbles / Old Boys Inc / The Society Squad

Roman Stewart / Simplicity People ft. Big Youth / Leroy Sibbles

Augustus Pablo / Gregory Isaacs /

Mighty Diamonds / Augustus Pablo / Mikey Dread / Augustus 'Gussie' Clarke