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Guy One - Suro Yuama


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From Ghana to Berlin, via the Philophon label -

Guy One is said to be the representing voice of the Frafra people in northern Ghana, a singer with strong philosophical content and a master of the two-stringed kologo guitar, he is a well respected musician in his country.

We're certainly into these sounds, fantastically vivid and fluid, as you would expect from the continent of rhythm... although, saying that, part of the rhythm on the A-side of this unusual 7" is delivered by a skilled and experienced drummer from Berlin, Max Weissenfeldt, who has been active since the early 90's, contributing to many recordings, and working with bands such as 'Poets Of Rhythm' and the Whitefield Brothers.

Superb stuff, both sides!

Mastered and produced in Berlin, Stibbtone Studios.

Guy One - Suro Yuama

Guy One - A Me Bayela Do Me