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Habits Of Hate - Habits Of Hate EP


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Uncompromising dancefloor music from Happa and Manni Dee on EE -

The combined production talents of the young Happa and Manni Dee make up the new, menacing 'Habits Of Hate' outfit that sees it's debut release via Rob Booth's 'Electronic Explorations' blog and record label...

It's certainly hard-as-nails, but it's not just mindless repetition and distortion for the sake of it, both sides carry rhythmic patterns that are intended for to shake up a crowd whilst testing the soundsystem and giving the DJ an effective structure to work with...detailed sound design and a good amount of momentum in the arrangement make these tracks an enjoyable ride - teeth-gritting and full of electricity.

In the vain of Surgeon, Regis, Ancient Methods, this is exciting, energetic dancefloor music for the ruffnek dancers and DJ's out there.


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