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Haf Haf - Notch

Gang Of Ducks

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Brilliantly packaged cassette from Milan's Haf Haf on Gang Of Ducks -

Scuzzed, fizzing, unhinged, deconstructed constructions from new member of the Gang: Haf Haf.
Another great piece of undergound music, unearthed here by the Gang Of Ducks label, consistently coming through with the goods for the heads.

We love this tape, from sonics to aesthetics.

The label wrote a few words about the music, here they are:

"Haf Haf pierces through the fabrics with his sharp tooth, injects the serum and then stares.
Paralyzing poison infects the blood.
Techno scurfs cover up your body while you feel hip hop voices echoing.
Alienation blinds you and you're only half way, a synth rave constrictor grinds you, chokes you and everything seems emptied of hope.
It is only then that, like a closing loop, you receive the antidote, there's an explosion that clears your vision and the alienation you felt before turns into awareness."

Each cassette ships in a unique 'recycled' and 'rebranded' 2nd hand cassette case with stamped cover.
Limited to 100 hand-numbered and labelled pieces.

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