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Hailu Mergia & The Walias - Tche Belew

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Previously fetching around $4,000 at online auctions - now reissued in full glory -

This rare instrumental album of Ethiopian music - post Ethiopia's 1974 revolution - from the highly respected Hailu Mergia and The Walias band, stood out as  one of few almost entirely focussed on rhythm and groove, leaving the instruments and band members as key components of the arrangement, featuring only backing vocals, but no lead singers.

Working closely with legendary ethio-jazz musicians such as Mulatu Astatke, who also features on this LP, Hailu Mergia was invited, during the mid 70's and 80's to play at the presidential palace and other acclaimed events...
His popularity and success are a deserved testament to the oustanding achievements of this Album - it's a hugely enjoyable listen, literally glowing melody and rhythm... The effect of these players is not just heard, it's felt.

There's a heavy dose of Funk and Soul to be found in this music, with the spirit of Jazz certainly at it's core... But it's a definite 'African' sound - unmistakably upbeat and uplifting, yet there is a always very heavy, personal undertone to the music.

The record comes remastered and issued with a full-colour insert explaining the background of this project and the political aspect that inevitably plays a part in Ethiopian music from this era - so we'll leave this write-up here, and let the music do the talking.... And what a fine piece of music it is - a real treat from start to finish.

Outstandingly good, on many levels.

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Served in shrinkwrapped picture sleeve, with insert.

Side One:
1: Tche Belew
2: Yemiasleks
3: Yikirta Lemminalehu
4: Musicawi Silt
5: Lomi Tera-tera
Side Two:
1: Woghenci
2: Ibakish Tarekigne
3: Birtukane
4: Eti Gual Blenai
5: Yenuro Tesfa Alegne

Tche Belew / Yemiasleks

Musicawi Silt / Lomi Tera-tera

Woghenci / Ibakish Tarekigne

Birtukane / Eti Gual Blenai