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Half Nelson - World Machine


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Bristo's very own Memotone careered into the shop again and dropped us a little box of tapes, showcasing his schizo-phonic output over two new cassettes, poised at the complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

First up, ‘WORLD MACHINE’ under his HALF NELSON alias. Comprises two 15min blocks of hardware-wrought beatz *just about* within the confines of what you can still feasibly call hip-hop. Word is: the whole tape is made up from samples & snippets of classic 80/90s skate videos, mangled via MPC-1000 and a couple other gubbins. I gotta say, it’s not at all obvious (but I doubt that was the point…).

Regardless, A-side is a scrambled collage of interwoven no-fi curb-stompers & blackhole psychodelia. That Duke Nukem OST refix you’ve been waiting for all yr life. Blast-em-up bumpers from the lad with nice jumpers. Big Willy at his dankest right here.

B-side ping-pong POPZ out the gate, ricocheting off everything in sight before being smothered by the TWO moodiest B-lines I’ve heard all year. Things remain DIN-gy; juddering and scuttered until at last, a break in the clouds reveals a straight-up piano & horns boom-bap joint. But before that’s even settled in, it’s now a 4xfloor functional house jacker?! Don’t even bother second-guessing the ‘tone...

Limited edition, and we have the last few of 'em!