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Hamilton Scalpel 2 - Airfoil

Concrete Cabin

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Big, bashy grime & 'ardcore mutants from the 1 Hamilton Scalpel, straight outta Glasgow -

The first HS disc was a killa, and this one is that 2nd headshot just to make sure that soundboy is definitely dead.

From the Dizzee heights of Cadzow Skrak, through to the frenetic genetix of Southern Cross Aerobatic Team - that A side is already 1000% reason to give us, and everyone involved with this record, your hard earned money. You will gain muscle power and burn lots of that lockdown fat in return - promise! Just turn up the fkn volume will ya?!

Shall we chat about the B side too shall we? you one of those people that needs it spelled out? Ok then, let's do it.
Two Bladed Spear Thistle is captures that early Mokum type energy with a bit of bitcrushed (Da)rude-ness and some Orkish atmospheres - three ingredients that will make your mouth go in funny directions and your eyes dilate, no matter what you may have ingested.
Airfoil, the final cut on this disc, is the title track - and you know that the title track is usually the one that the producer likes the best, or at least thinks has the best title.
Either way, it's got all that euphoria and endorphin rush we been missing so much during this dread year locked in an empty basement with a face mask on, practising our glow stick moves for the year 2021.

In short - it's a big record, and probably will be going to other good homes soon, if you don't snap it up first.

Hand-scrawled copies, in a black sleeve with a nice sticker to boot.

Cadzow Skrak

Southern Cross Aerobatic Team

Two Bladed Spear Thistle