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Han Sotofett & Jaakko Eino Kalevi With Andres Lõo – Jazzsomdub (Sex Tags Amfibia 2xLP)

Sex Tags Amfibia

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Tripped out, beautifully strange, minimalist new age jazz (with extra dub) styles from Jaakko Eino Kalevi & DJ Sotofett alongside Andres Lõo on percussion - served up on two slabs of vinyl, via the good old Sex Tags Amfibia imprint!

Stretching out with a kind of Japanese minimalist / folk ambience (we're not sure what it is, might be some of the drawn out percussive elements and wind instruments or just that patience for each sound to flourish and disappear before we move on) with extra lashings of dub thrown in right from the start (stretched out tape delays, endless reverbs - that kind of thing) - the album moves into more rhythmically charged moments, but the vast amount of space in the mix, the way each sound is left to breathe in all it's analog / real-life sound-attire, or rawness, is kept alive throughout the journey - and we're thankful for the patience and restraint, and the considered harmony of sound elements that run through this peaceful lake of organic, yet psychadelic sound like a subtle current....

There's definitely a 'natural feel' to it all - we'd love to see this music played live somewhere in a forest on a hot day one day or something... but in the meantime, these fine records can be put on the turntable at your convenience, and you can make the mood right with them - no doubt.

Served up in a printed sleeve, and pressed up sounding nice - strictly wax, the real deal.

A1. Første Mutasjon
A2. Over
A3. Andres' head (Part 1)
B1. Essens

C1. Andres' Head (Part 2)
C2. Tunnel Transmutasjon
D1. Spørremål
D2. Et Siste Kontinent

Forste Mutasjon


Tunnel Transmutasjon