Haroon Mirza - 50 Locked Grooves


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What a treat this one is - a double pack from multimedia artist Haroon Mirza on Tessela's Poly Kicks label.

Mirza has exhibited worldwide with the Lisson and Tate galleries on his list of spaces that have shown his captivating sonic sculptures which are generated from a myriad of sources. Thankfully, Tessela has put together this ambitious release for Polykicks that sees his work freed from the confines of the gallery and invites the listener to interact with the work and assume the role of collaborator.

There are 50 locked grooves on offer here, the same on both records, each one generated by the artyist using 'records' made from glass, cardboard and other materials. The user is invited to play any two simultaneously using a mixer 9and effects of you are in the mood) to generate a near infinite range of soundscapes.

A brilliant concept and a whole lot of fun for adventurous DJs both in the booth and bedroom.