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Haunter Records - America Hat

Haunter Records

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Fucking excellent 'fundraising garment' (and a great statement) from our friends over at Haunter Records, in aid of those seeking refuge -

All profits for this hat go straight to rescue.org.

We couldn't pass this one by, this is a perfect opportunity to counteract Donald Trumps latest fashion, show solidarity, and raise funds for a relevant cause while you're at it.

Here's what Haunter Records have to say on this matter:

Haunter Records supports immigrants and refugees. We support the struggle of those in need, those for whom escape is the sole option.
This is not a gadget: all net profits from its sale will be donated to the International Rescue Committee and to ONGs operating in the Mediterranean sea. Resisting Donald Trump’s fascist government and any form of xenophobic demagoguery.

“America” is a made up word.
A name given by colonialists to a Land they did not discover but simply invaded, exploited, incorporated in a narrative from which indigenous people from every part of the continent were utterly excluded. The settlers kept on enforcing that hegemonic narrative on the premise of their own moral and cultural superiority.
Civilization has always been one of the main excuses for genocide and war. Nowadays the image of the enemy is constructed with the same cultural tools.

In the last 16 years United States politics have generated a simulacrum of islamic culture that functions as an excuse for the enforcement of violence and exclusion.
At the same time, the USA and the whole of the west prospered by exploiting its cultural diversity, using it as an aesthetic resource while the people who embodied that diversity still struggle for survival.

Donald Trump’s attempts to a muslim ban is just the last in a series of human rights violations and acts of masqueraded aggression. It’s not the first and it won’t be the last. Italy’s deal with Libia is no different. Too often All they want to do is block marginalized groups from entering their fortresses.
That’s why the hat says “America” in Arabic. It might as well say “Europe”. Every fortress shall fall.
Those who bang on the walls are merely escaping from hunger, poverty, war and oppression. They seek the same deliverance and freedom, the same right to exist that those same colonialists were after when they first left their homeland.
This mere fashion object means nothing in itself, though by buying it you’re supporting their struggle.