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He Dark Age - Ecce Homo

Purely Physical

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Ecce Homo killed the machines! Slaughtered! Death to all Spotify. This is the most godawfully on-point algorhythmical playlist of all the 80s outsider shit you could ever love but have never heard of.

But it's an LP.......and it's real....human real and boyo boyo boy you are going to fucking love this....brought back into the cold light of Y2K as a curveball boomerang 6th release on Purely Physical Teeny Tapes (who minted that amazingly dubby Rwdfwd favourite 7" from M. Quake as well as a few Laila Sakini releases). Exorcised from it's 1986 small-batch ferric obscurity for a 200 run of LPs we are oh-so-lucky to be in possession of.

In summary: impossible to summarise, painfully diversive blur of a long player veering dangerously from Cybotron synthclub to Flying Nun Records / This Kind of Punishment lusherly dream pop to claustrophobic, Reducer/SPK-stylee newsreader / tele-preacher indiustrial plundery completely squalled over by sax to the demented No Trend yelling at the ghost of Richard H Kirk from a Brisbane bus stop. Phew. RIP all the batteries chewed through by the sampler (these were pre-computer days of course, and everything was up for grabs).

We could spend ages trying to pin references on each track and come up with a list as long as our face (we do it for you, the buyers).
But what's stunning is, it's all the same band, the same album and all you need to know is....there was something in the air
And now it's been sucked out the air and onto this here slab of black wax. Long live He Dark Age, wherever they are.

Re-issue of the year alongside all the Reducer stuff? We thank so.
It's the most glorious post-punk post-industrial mess you need under your Christmas tree.

Edition of 200, hand-pasted sleeves with A4 info / art sheet - DIY style, perfect(ly) fit.

1. "I Have Come Back Deborah"
2. "I Wanted To Die Too"
3. "Never Never Never"
4. "Jesus Didn't Beat Him Over The Head"
5. "The Book Of Common Prayer"
6. "Say Goodbye To All Your Goodbyes"
7. "Holding Out For Eden"
8. "Let The Brakes Off"
9. "The Master"
10. "Does It Work Or Not"
11. "Science & Technology"
12. "Renlim"
13. "Repent"

I Wanted To Die Too

Never Never Never

Let The Brakes Off

Does It Work Or Not