Headland - Local // Sepia - Amber

Well Rounded Dubs

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A limited set of 350 from Well Rounded Dubs, showcasing two deep, techy numbers from manlike Sepia and Headland.

On the A side, Headland comes at you with no mercy, dread secreting from the rolling hats and cathedral chamber snares like noxious fumes. Present enough to maintain a heavy groove but still leaving room for a bassline that'll take no sh!t, not from you, not from your mum, not from anyone. Just leave it alone, yeah?

Sepia launches the B with some Fleet Foxes-style ting (yeah just listen) before lifting off into space - a surprisingly effective contrast between pensive sample and brutal rollage...

Get on this one quick, we have limited copies and these are hand-numbered and drawn editions of 350.

Headland - Local

Sepia - Amber