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Heavenly Music Corporation - Lunar Phase


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Essential gear for the late night space cruise, from Astral Industries -

Due to the first run flying out quick, the label has done a 2nd run of 500 copies, served up on 180gsm wax, mastered by Noel Summerville and with artwork by Theo Ellsworth, in Astral Industries style, mastered to a fine degree.

"The material collated on this third release from Heavenly Music Corporation was composed specifically for St. Giga in Japan, a satellite broadcast radio station transmitting ethereal audio harmony 24 hours a day. What made this station otherworldly was its programming; motivated by tidal movements, the aquatic ebbs and flows of each day synchronised to the activity and intensity of the music broadcast."

Beautiful stuff, add it to the collection with the rest of the A-I gear.

Side 1
1. "Energy Portal" (11:06)
2. "St Giga" (11:49)
Side 2
1. "Lunar Phase" (6:26)
2. "Nautilus" (6:25)
3. "Cloudless Light" (4:38)
4. "Orgone" (6:09)

Energy Portal

St Giga


Lunar Phase