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Heights & Worship ft. Carlton Livingston - Crucify Me

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ZamZam double-drop, part 2!

After a short break, ZamZam is back in full force, with two new 7"s and a brand new Khaliphonic all dropping in quick succession.

Delivered in the same box as RSD's 'World Hungry / Dub Pride' 7" - ZamZam welcome back the dubwise production unit 'Heights & Worship' - this time alongside the legendary Carlton Livingston on vocal duties.

Ras Heights (Ital Sound System) and Rob Paine (Solomonic Sound, Worship Recordings) lay down the rhythmical foundation of driving bassline and fast-paced percussion, leaving lots of space for Carlton Livingstons vocal to flow across the top, with backing vocals echo'ing off into the distance, forming layers of sound that excel the whole thing into elevated, almost weightless territory before the oscillating sub bass tightens it's grip again.

A fresh crossover between foundation and future dubwise orientation.

Another wicked disc, once again!

Limited to 700, no repress, no digital.
Screenprinted by Polygon Press.

Crucify Me

Crucify Dub